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Want to welcome students to your favorite HBCU campus? Here are some ways to help.

Posted by HBCU Pride & Joy on 8/14/2017
For many HBCU students, it will soon be time to return to school. In the coming weeks, freshman and returning students will be moving in the dorms and preparing for a new school year. Although most will be excited, others may have reservations or concerns about their future college career. Many alumni groups and associations have come up with creative ways to help freshman become acclimated while also welcoming upperclassmen back to campus. 

One way is to assist on move-in day. This is a great opportunity to share your on-campus experience with students and parents. On many college campuses, alumni will help out on move-in day by: 

1. Handing out water and snacks. 

2. Lending a hand to move items into the dorm. 

3. Point students and parents to dorms or administrative offices. 

4. Help housing staff with paperwork and the disbursement of keys and mailbox codes. 

For alumni who are far away from the campus, consider assisting in the following ways: 
1. Inquire with your university about mentoring a freshman student. This can be as simple as sending encouraging texts periodically and providing students with career advice. 

2. Make a financial contribution to the school for move-in day. 

3. Donate items for welcome packages. 

4. Volunteer to talk with a student that may be homesick. 

Move-in day and the first weeks of school provide a perfect opportunity for you to give back to your HBCU. The first few days and weeks on campus will set the tone for that student’s college career. Your involvement may ensure that student becomes a success while also helping the university retain students.
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