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Be My Valentine: Show Love to Your HBCU

Be My Valentine: Show Love to Your HBCU

February is the month to celebrate love. Flowers, candy and jewelry are often purchased throughout the month to express sentiments. So why not give a token of gratitude to your HBCU this Valentine’s season?

Along with a financial donation, here are some fun ideas and simple ways that you can ask your HBCU to – “Be Your Valentine."

1. Choose a student to be your valentine. Send them a care package with treats, toiletries, ink pens, highlighters and other needed items in it such as earbuds.

2. Equipment and supplies are a must have to keep our institutions operating. If you can afford it, donate technology equipment such as laptops, tablets or projectors to the library or lab equipment to the science department.

3. Donate a magazine subscription to your HBCU’s library. Be sure to contact the librarian to find out what magazines they currently receive.

4. Buy board games and puzzles to donate to a dorm’s activity room or center. This will get the kids away from their computers or video games for a while.

5. Treat a group of students to a night out at the movies. Choose a club or interest group that you were once a part of. For many theaters, you can purchase tickets on line. Simply arrange the outing with the club’s leader and send them ticket confirmation via e-mail.

6. Many colleges are now starting food pantries to provide for students who may be hungry. Contact your school to see if they have a pantry. If they do, you can make a financial donation or send a box of non-perishable foods or personal items such as deodorant, toothpaste, soap or laundry detergent to help with that endeavor.

7. If you don’t have the money right now, most colleges and universities will take a pledge. Make a pledge to give your school a certain amount of money each month.

So as you get dressed up to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love, take time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge your HBCU. It will likely be one of the most meaningful and rewarding gifts you can give, and one that you will always remember.