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HBCU Made: We Salute Mr. Tom Joyner

HBCU Made: We Salute Mr. Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner is an iconic radio host that started the Tom Joyner Morning Show, reaching over 8 million listeners during its 25 years. He earned his Sociology degree from Tuskegee University in 1970 and immediately started his career in radio. His amazing personality and humor landed him two radio offers in the mid-1980’s; one morning show in Texas and the other an afternoon show in Chicago. Joyner chose both job opportunities by flying thousands of miles each day between the two over a span of 8 years, giving himself the nickname of “The Fly Jock.” 

In 1994, the Tom Joyner Morning Show aired and was syndicated through Cathy Hughes’ Urban One. Over time the show grew to air in more than 105 markets nationwide. He created the Tom Joyner Foundation in 1998 that provides scholarships, along with other academic opportunities for students of all backgrounds at HBCUs. Joyner has always been involved with giving back to the community by raising more than $60 million to support HBCUs, along with helping to register 250,000 black people to vote. After 50 years in radio, Joyner retired in 2019 ending his reign as the #1 syndicated urban morning show host. 

We salute Mr. Tom Joyner for being HBCU Made!