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3 Tips For Tackling Homecoming With Your Little Ones!

3 Tips For Tackling Homecoming With Your Little Ones!

3 Tips For Tackling Homecoming With Your Little Ones!

We’re officially in the season of step show competitions, overpriced (and over-sugared) lemonades, ‘nalia-mania and football game chants! That’s right - it’s HOMECOMING and we’re too excited for our HBCU tour! As you prepare to travel with your little ones to your alma mater this season, keep these tips in mind to avoid a potential meltdown on the ‘yard ...

#1: Pack light, but include all the “just in-cases”! 

You never know where you’re going to end up. A walk towards the football stadium could turn into a visit to your (now revitalized) old dorm. Be sure to pack all of your baby’s essentials for every need possible - including nap time, snack time, play time, and I-need-to-be-entertained time. Bring the light items, where possible, and don’t forget their favorite security toy in case they need comforting after a long day out. 

#2: Get to the game EARLY! 

Seats are already tight at the game, and you know how much space you take up with a toddler - nearly two rows when you count diaper bags, strollers and snacks. Get there early to ensure you have enough room to spread out and sit comfortably with your little ones. Don’t be that family struggling to step over people while balancing a baby in one arm and a stroller in your spouse’s! Once you’ve secured your seats, one of you can go brave the food lines to bring back some of those nachos for everyone! 

#3: Style your child right! 

Get your baby some ‘nalia. You’ve waited all year to show off your pride and joy to your friends, former classmates and old professors. Be sure to outfit your baby with gear bearing your beloved alma mater’s name so that greeting is more than impressive! Whether you’re looking for a jersey, a ruffle dress, or even a bib, our baby and toddler collection has all the essentials you’ll need to keep them comfortable and stylish this Homecoming season and beyond! Shop here today.